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Woke up with Spook on the bed curled up close against me. Usually she maintains some space because I tend to roll. It was a night of fewer but more painful trips to the loo. Asked for more meds, but was told to get a CT scan instead. Will have to schedule that somehow. Requested an appointment online.

Called a critter control company and they said they would have their regional manager find a contractor for me, and he would call me back in an hour. Never called. Will try another agency tomorrow.

Ran a dishwasher load, mostly good but not so good on the large bake pan and it missed one of the stacked salad bowls.

Packed up the pair of empty SodaSense cartridges and drove to the PO to drop that off. On the way back grabbed an Amazon bag out of my mailbox, BD alcohol swabs.

Training zoom session from 2-4 and group meeting 4-5. The latter was poorly attended. The former revealed that the woman who uses meth as a coffee creamer has bailed. They now need 2 more contractors. Actually they need 10 more but are in denial.

Tomorrow I was scheduled to "ride along" an actual session at 2:30, I see it has bee changed to 12:30. No notification of the change, it just appeared on our scheduler page. Next week they have me down for three overnight sessions.

Deliveries today: a supply of medical TMI, inserts for 45 RPM records, moth disc hangers (hung 5 in strategic locations and stored the 6th). And a new TP-link router. Very nice design, will probably put it in place of the Netgear on Saturday.

The morning dose of the new insulin knocked me out pretty good this evening, took a nap at 6-ish, Spook joined me. Up around 8. Consumed a packet of steamed rice with butter. And some rainbow sherbet. Or was it mint chip ice cream? Hmmm.

Watched 90 Day Single Life, Big Ed keeps blowing a good thing with his jealousy. All these people are defective.

90 Day The Other Way was reruns. 

Minimal Jade time. She needs a family, no other pets.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call another critter control referral place
Hope to get answers from CT scan and urology appointments
Ride-along session, I think it'll be a New York baseball game
Change the litterboxes
Lots of things on Tivo. Exploration X is going to Thailand, that should be a hoot.

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