Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Orioles Win a Game

Banana and PNB breakfast after a horrible night of getting up every half hour it seemed. Spook did not join me, she mostly stayed under the bed. Finally got out of bed around 6.

Lots of noise behind the house - the park sent masons to remove the very broken cinder block wall between next door house and the Wetlands service road. They put up a temporary wire fence.
Clinic called, they had better drugs waiting for me at CVS, so I went and collected them.  I think they are already helping.

Watched the latest Nevada Outdoor. They interviewed a photographer from Winnemucca  who did a book of Northern Nevada photos. I liked what they showed and went searching for the book. $700+ on Amazon. No thanks. $4.75 on eBay, okay.

12:30 work training was a "ride-along" to see how the job is done, finally. Two people shared the tasks, but the main thing is s was a full baseball game, which ended up going extra innings, in the rain. They should have called it after 5th inning, but the away team was winning by a hair and the home team was about to lose their 100th game this season. They ended up winning.

The way the stream was shared, we all got to talk about the game, sports in general, ask questions of the event operators, and banter. The quality of the video was superb. Audio was a little low but okay. Once I found the tools they were using it was easy to see what the source quality was. I think they are required to do too much documentation for the role, though.

Snacked all through it because it was a headshot only tag for each of us.

Kind of boring, as baseball tends to be, but closer to what the job description was than what our prior training indicated.

Salad and broccoli beef for dinner, apples and honey for dessert.
Watched most of a Married At First Sight episode. It is clear most of the matches are not going to work.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up at 6 for 7:15 skin cancer surgery.
Maybe join the soccer match which is tomorrow's ride-along, if I'm feeling up to it. They start at 9:30 am.
Change the litterboxes

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