Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Monday half garbage day

Last night I rolled the bins to the curb after I hauled the big boxes out for bulk collection. Usually I only do the bulk garbage Sunday night because there is plenty of time after I wake up Monday to get the bins out before the trucks come by. I was expecting to sleep in. Bulk was collected early, recycled around noon, trash is still out there waiting.

But again I was up early. Called my contract rep to say I quit, she mumbled something about 2 weeks notice. She called back after talking to her boss, and I straightened that out, I am done NOW. Not in 2 weeks. She said she would call back.

Did my morning meds, fired up the PC and sent email to on site boss saying I'm done.

Rep calls back and asks if she should send site boss email, I told her I already did. I think it was already 3 pm and I was taking a nap.

Jade kept triggering the motion detector on the cam pointed at the cat tree. She has been climbing, grooming herself on it, and exploring the area around it. I brought her some canned food,  she was nervous about me petting her while she was on the tree. I left her when she dug into the wet food.

Spook has been hanging around her door.

Morning email from hematology asking me to confirm the appointment on the 27th. Did that then waited on hold for 20 minutes to reschedule my stitches removal to the 28th.  

Watched MNF on tivo, nap made me miss the party at the club house. It was the Manning & Manning show, and it was not to my liking. They never left the screen, and they spent most of the time not calling the game. Once in a while they gave a QB perspective on a play. They had special guest stars who took focus off the game. Gronk. Brett Favre.

Email from my main contact at the job, saying sorry I wasn't moving forward with it, and asking if I could return the laptop tomorrow. Replied yes.

Contract rep called to say they will try to get my Sunday pay in the final check. Their usual payments are from Sunday to Saturday. I explained that a big reason I did not want 2 more weeks is this week I was scheduled for three days at 3 am and 4 am.

The tree cam records audio, and Jade was crying a couple of times. She cried a lot the first couple of weeks here. Misses her kittens I bet.

Big lunch - I pulled a chicken drumstick and thigh out of the freezer and a packet of steamed rice, and some peas and a little bullion and made chicken with rice soup. Huge bowl. Microwaved it on low for about an hour (not all at once). Ate it all.

Dinner salad, meat loaf and mashed lean cuisine. Orange sherbet.

Plans for tomorrow:
SPF 100
Drive to the office and return the laptop
Maybe do some shopping (the office is in Town Center Mall). I need smaller jeans shorts
Still too hot to take the camera out on the strip.

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