Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Done Day

After breakfast, just a banana no PNB, I applied SPF 100 to my head and face and drove to the office. Stopped at the mailboxes, saw that the first section had been crowbarred open from the back and most of the mail was missing. Thought about reporting it, but those boxes belong to USPS and the mail carrier would see it before I could report it. My mailbox was not affected, there were a couple of packets of prescription drugs in there plus the weekly ad newspaper.

When I got to the office, my contact was coming down the hall, and I was able to hand him the laptop case and say a few words. It's a long drive and it was already 90 degrees so I went straight home, and realized I still had a headset of theirs. Grabbed a flat rate box from my eBay stash, went online to USPS click-and-ship but had to re-do the wireless printer's network setting in order to print. Canon has a neat little PC installer for that, so easy.

Drove to the nearest PO around 1, of course the two customers being helped needed a lot of help, so it was a bit of a wait. Only 4 people ahead of me were taken care of quickly.

Home again. More things in my mailbox, including a vax reminder for Spook. and a really nice paperback table book of rural Nevada photos & stories.

Emailed my contract rep to let her know I've returned all the work stuff. No reply, as usual.

Watched some Hot Bench, but Expedition Unknown and Gold Rush were both reruns. PTI had both Tony & Mike Yay!
Below Deck Med once again featured some medical issues with the crew, and the captain finally fired garbage mouth Lexi. But once again she made the mistake of leaving it up to the chief stew whether to bring back the replacement she let go. Chief decided the two stews could do it all the next 2 charters. Idiot. Next charter is going to be a major FAIL that way. Capt was not as kind to the boson when she saw the badly bruised leg of one of the crew - totally unfair.

90 Day Single Life as usual was part rerun from the teaser but a lot of new stuff. Big Ed manned up and won his date back. Brace Face destroyed the relationship possibilities with a former schoolmate who spent the week with her from Canada. Why do these women bring their flaming gay friends to grill their new boyfriends? As if gay men know anything about hetero love.  It was great to see the boyfriend in Colombia survived the Cat 5 hurricane which destroyed his island. He seems a good guy despite having cheated on her. Oh wait, that was 90 Day The Other Way.

Fruit bowl lunch, salad, bulgogi grilled beef short ribs & mint chip ice cream dinner. Not a lot of meat on the short ribs. Next time stick to the Korean thin sliced ones.

Plans for tomorrow:
Need to make a couple of calls about TMI medical stuff
Call for raccoon control
Quick shopping trip for greens and indoor canned food for Jade, who put several holes in my fingers this morning when I tried to pick her up
Holes in fingers meant no manicure today - maybe tomorrow?
Install car cam
Bachelor in Paradise

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