Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Over The Hump

It's autumn but Las Vegas temps are still summer.

Wasted a lot of time on the phone with Humana because they still haven't updated my records to my current PCP. Called my PCP and sat on hold a long time but got the order for insulin pen tips in quickly after that.

Also wasted time talking to two raccoon control agencies, until I realized I really just needed a mobile home repair company, which I found, and a tech will be here tomorrow to seal up the panels the raccoons tore off. I'm pretty sure by 10 am all the critters have left the house. Fingers crossed.

Breakfast of sliced apple and PNB. Read a lot of news and more olds.

Yellow headed little birds on the sage and nearly empty feeder, so I put out a full feeder on my way to some groc shopping. Only needed  greens, fruit bowls and shortbread cookies, but also got corn dogs, snack cheese, cheese puffs and California rolls.

Did not stop at the mailbox because the delivery guy was there and had not done my side yet.

Got a call from the place which cut out my sunburn spot, turns out it is cancer, totally misdiagnosed by the flaky NP. Have a morning appointment for the Mohs treatment in a month.

Facebook & Twitter, then Hot Bench, 90 Day Pillow Talk, Channel 3 news. PTI.

Talked to my Baltimore sister for more than an hour. She, her husband and her son have all had the same kind of skin cancer, she says.

Been having dizzy spells when standing up from a long sit-down. BP meter gave me errors and too low to be believed readings. Ordered another meter. Had to order one anyway, mine has started charging to use their phone app.

Made a vet appointment for Spook for a few weeks from now when she is due for shots.

Ordered a couple of those multi-cat calming pheromone gadgets. Plan to plug them into Jade's room. We'll see if that helps. She was crying again this evening, so I went to visit, she was on the floor under the chair. She did like the attention though.

Tivo again - Bachelor in Paradise, lots of progress on love connections, interrupted by a storm which had the crew evacuate the place for a short time. Back the same day, I think.

Fruit bowl lunch, salad and California rolls for dinner, plus orange sherbet. I always thought it was sherbert, two r's.

home repair tech sometime between 10 and 4
Expedition X
TNF? No not on my cable lineup
Maybe chat with WA sister

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