Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It's been a frustrating week. More to come? Maybe...maybe not

Can't help comparing this adventure to figmo's, except she got a much shorter end of a much more crap-coated stick.

When I gave my notice a week ago, I had been promised by my recruiter at Volt that all my paperwork was done, and I could start at the QA department of MSTV on Moday at 9:30.

He had not checked.

Long story short, today was my official start date, and I still am not in the system to get an ID badge. But I do have an email address and login.

9:30 - Nobody's home. 9:50 - the lead I work with escorted me in and showed me around. He tried to log me in, but it didn't work. He gave me a tour, and introduced me to my 3 cubemates and said he would get me some docs to read. I needed to read them anyway, so the login was not critical. One of my cubemates gave me the architecture doc, which took all day to read. All day ended at 3:30 because manager took us to the movies! Woot!
9:00 - Nobody's home, but one of my cubemates gave me her cell number in case that happened. She's still on 101 slogging through traffic. 9:20 she escorts me in. 10:00 Lead gave me more docs to read. Noon: Frantic voicemail from my recruiter that everything is all messed up, but I don't really understand what he's trying to tell me. I phone him, and he says something about "premise" which I don't understand. Noon: Camp out by the break room and have lunch. Helen (who worked with me for 4 years at VXtreme and MS) chats and brings me up to date. So good to see a familiar face, and one of my favorite people from my Redmond Microserf days. 3:00 or so, manager comes by, tells me Volt messed up on my paperwork, and to work till the end of the day, but not to come back till everything is cleared up, probably Thursday maybe Friday. 4:30, local Volt rep shows up, and tells me politely that I really have to leave right now, because MS security is pissed that someone's on site who has not been cleared. He is gracious and charming and deserves an award for tact. He says he'll email me when the coast is clear, probably will be Friday but they are pushing for sooner. Volt will pay my wages for Mon-Tues
Email and voicemail confirm I'm not coming back today. So I give myself an afternoon mini-vacation in Santa Cruz
More email saying Friday's the day for sure. Official in writing from the Volt on-site rep. And email from manager saying to go get a badge in the morning. Took another mini-vacation to the movies, and played with my iPAQ toy.
9:00 Went to the clinic for my quarterly lab tests. Then drove to MS, went in for a badge. I'm still not in the system. So I went home, because there was no point being there if I can't log in. 9:30 left voicemail & email with manager asking him to let me know what to do. 11:00 email from manager says come on in at 1. Gave me his cell and the lead's cell number for when I arrive. 12:30 bike there, but it only takes 7 minutes so I camp out at Starbuck's till 1:00. The receptionist lets me in "heck, it's Friday," she says. Manager brings me my login info, and it works. Yippee. I'm still not in the badge system, though. Manager and Lead both give me enough clues and Getting Started email which gives me enough installing and registering to do till 6. Only I can't register for a couple of things because I'm not all the way authorized yet. I'm not even authorized to request authorization. No biggie, Lead says try again Monday.

It's only red tape. Everyone wants me to be there, everyone has been very supportive through this ordeal.

To add insult to injury, this morning while I was home I decided to pass the time by downgrading the iPAQ from 5.0 to 2003 so I could run a restore from the backup and use the folder transfer method to back up all the ebooks and stuff Steve had left on there. I was connected via a USB hub, and the install died halfway. Nothing me or tech support could do was able to bring it back. The PC sees the hardware connection, so does the PDA, but not the install app. And it won't turn on except to give a very faint logo and firmware version. So I'll have to send it in and pay $49 to get them to flash the ROM for me. They said UPS will bring a mailer Monday, but with my England trip August 3, I doubt it will be repaired in time. Oh well, was planning on taking my laptop anyway.

It is way too hot. At 8:30 pm the thermometer on the patio said 81F. I wish there was a mall in bicycling distance. Maybe I'll bike to the movies, though there really isn't anything playing I haven't seen and want to see. Nacho Libre looks godawful stupid from the trailers, Click stars one of my three least favorite non-actors of all time, and I just can't see the kind of humor Little Man promises.Saturday night I will go to Santa Clara Players and see the reader's theater production, a couple of friends are involved.   I really ought to go to Pear Ave Theater and volunteer my services, they are 2 blocks from MS, and now that I'm off the phones/pager I can do theater again.
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