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Conflicts in Israel

Seeing the news coming from Israel is only part of the story for me because I have a ton of relatives there. My big sister and her hubby moved there in the 70's, and have been attempting to re-populate the country since then. Their five children have so far produced 10 babies, two of them in the past week, one more on the way. And youngest nephew is still single, though he just finished his Army duty 2 weeks ago and is looking.

Which raises a point about how Israel views the current unpleasantness. Rafi was in the tank brigade, and like all Israeli boys he was drafted and served his mandatory time, and his unit's required time was up just about the time the kidnappings occurred. His unit was released on time, and he is not even in active reserve status. Which tells me Israel is definitely not looking at this as a precursor to a regional war. They believe their usual standing military force can handle the job. Which makes me less nervous, just a tad.

One of my nieces is married to a grand-nephew of Elie Weisel, the famed Nazi hunter. His family lives in Haifa. Their firstborn son arrived a couple of days ago, and his family traveled to visit him. Had there not been a Blessed Event, they would have toughed it out in Haifa, despite the missiles falling.

I am angry at Israel's horrible over-reaction to what should have been an isolated incident, but I don't think we're looking at a regional all-out war. Syria would have stepped in by now. Iran has never been an on-the-ground enemy of Israel - they have stuck to financial and rhetorical war since the beginning. I don't see them changing their tune now. Iraq is out of the picture. Egypt is too - they are almost as much a victim of the terrorists now as Israel. Jordan's new King is too pro-West to rattle any sabers. Besides, he doesn't need the kind of refugee problem it would bring. Saudi Arabia just sits there on their crude and shrugs it all off when not holding hands with W.

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