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Amazon subscription day & Spook gets shot 3 times

Fitful sleep, had a couple of very intense dreams - haven't dreamed like that in a long time. One of them got me up at around 6 wanting to drive to the PCP office when it opened and yell at them for not doing anything about my e. coli infection. Just in case, I checked CVS and there was a prescription waiting for me of an industrial strength Amoxicillin. They open at 8. I went after breakfast and picked that up, as well as some Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares (mint & caramel) and there was a 4-for sale on bags of Halloween size Snickers, so I bought 4 of those.

Most of the rest of today was spent waiting for 3:30, but my amazon subscriptions helped fill the void:
Cat treats
Cat grass grow kit
Generic Flonase
A very large number of small boxes of tissues, which had to be liberated from the box and stored in the bathroom closet
6 litterbox cartridges. They weigh a lot so I only put 4 on the laundry room rack. The other two are on top of a cat platform which the cats have abandoned. A week from Saturday they will replace the ones in the litterboxes.

Not much on Tivo. Henry Gates' roots, very depressing because orphans. Minor TV stars, both of them. Not a fan of either of them.
Hot Bench was another open and shut case of lying business owner.

3:30, Spook allowed me to carry her to the front room and push her into the carrier. She only cried for the first 5 minutes of the ride, and was quiet the rest of the trip. The vet has relaxed its covid nazi stance and had me bring Spook inside. The "enter" sign on the dog side and the "exit" sign on the cat side are no longer followed.

Due for two shots and a well-kitty exam, the vet suggested adding her rabies shot since it was due soon, so we did. Spook had gained a pound since last year - 16.5 now. She is officially 7 years and 5 months old.

I asked about sedating Jade, but they won't do that without examining her.

The ride home was quiet, Spook did some anywhere cat poses, sat on my lap and the side table, actually looked into Jade's room, then made it clear I needed to open the bedroom closet where she is now curled up on a pile of clothes on the dark side.

I brought Jade some canned food, and she came down from the tree for that, but not much petting and she retreated because she thought Spook was near (Spook wasn't).

Channel surfing reminded me of a favorite show, Vets on the Beach, featuring veterinarians doing their thing at several clinics in Australia. Gold Coast, Sydney. Bondi beach, etc. Most of the vets are women, and a few are DDG,  including a pair of ethnically Chinese twins. So many blue-eyed blonds too. Added the show to my Tivo list.

Banana breakfast, junk food lunch, KFC dinner after a salad (because I finished the cole slaw yesterday).

YouTube rabbit hole started with a father singing I Loved You First to his daughter at her wedding. He sang okay, the happy couple was kind of meh. The next one Dad was obviously a pro, I think he may have been the DJ as well. That couple was a lot better looking, but not as impressed.

But this one did it for me: Dad could be a legit country star if he wanted to be, and on top of that, since his daughter is an ASL interpreter, he signed as he sang. You have to see this.

Actually he is lip syncing. https://youtu.be/Pg8Z69B6RFQ

Dentist at 3 - wax mock-up has arrived
Married at First Sight
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