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Renn Fair & Football

Spook started the night curled up next to me, but that didn't last long.

Got up with the alarm as planned, banana breakfast and morning drugs, then into the car for the drive to Sunset Park. Google Maps helped, now that I knew which entrance to use. Left home at 9:10, found parking right away at the first lot, not too far from the entrance, and was in line by 9:40. Cannon shots at 10 meant the faire was open, and only about half the dozen people ahead of me didn't know how to find their ticket on their phones.

The full set of photos is here.

Pretty much the first exhibit I saw was the camel ride. I am well over the weight limit.

The full set shows the crew putting blankets and foam mats on them and then the chair-like saddle.

Lots and lots of food stalls, including the obligatory turkey legs.

Interesting costumes - visitors were mostly not in period outfits, way more were in their Pirate Faire gear. Or antlers. Or wings and elf ears.





After a while I planted myself on the very uncomfortable thin metal benches of the Field of Honor, which featured period accurate costumes and weapons. Here's a battle scene with muzzle loading rifles:

And an old battleaxe:

But by far the most exciting for me was the jousting.

Which ended with both men unhorsed and fighting hand to hand with sword, mace and ax


It's a huge park, and I got lost, found myself by the lake across from the cast/crew tent city.

I finally found the exit around 1:30, and was home in about 20 minutes. I could have stayed longer but the crowds were huge and I was tired.

Spook did not like that I was gone so long. When I set down my camera and walked towards the bathroom she jumped up on the recliner and then the side table, expecting I would be watching football. When I came out of the bedroom, she was at Jade's gate, and Jade was in plain sight on the floor in front of the tree, so I opened the gate and let Spook in.

Jade spat at her, jumped up unto the tree and into the hutch and spat again. I followed, and when I told Spook to leave, she did. Jade continued to make rude noises. It could have been worse. It could have been better. Later this evening Spook tried to open the gate by pulling on the bottom bar, and tried to fit between the bars, but did not succeed.

First order of business was to process the photos, which took a while, then into the recliner to watch the Raiders beat Denver. Spook jumped on the left arm, used the table to turn around and planted her front paws on my thigh as usual, and also as usual walked across to the right arm and planted her front paws on my other thigh. Next game was Seattle vs. the Steelers. An iffy ref call allowed the Seahawks to tie the game in the final second, but a fumble in OT gave the ball to the bumblebees in field goal range, so Seattle lost.

Also watched one and a half episodes of Vets On The Beach. My latest addiction because the vets are mostly DDG women, it is set on a variety of Australian beach towns so a lot of gratuitous surfing and sunbathing shots, and the animals they treat have very interesting maladies. And sometimes they find a stray and unite it with its family. The production values are very high as well.

Ordered a Woolite dry cleaning kit for the sheepskin rug.

Hauled the box and all the packing for the 65" TV and the cat gate, and about 6 more big empty boxes to the curb for morning bulk gabage collection. Whew!

Cox cable to stop them from charging me for equipment I told them not to send and refused delivery on.
Hematology for a follow-up blood test.
More Vets on the Beach, 90 Day Fiance The Other Way & Pillow Talk, MNF, Outdoor Nevada and maybe Hot Bench

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