Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Garbage, Cable, Blood, MNF at the clubhouse, BASFA

Up with the alarm at 8, out of bed by 9. Spook wanted to stay on the bed with me but the covers were all lumped up.

Collected all the trash bags and dumped them in the bin outside, did the same with the recycled stuff. Wheeled both out to the curb. Bulk pickup had vanished all but a couple of windblown plastic straps.

10:30 went to Cox cable with the UPS tracking which showed they had taken back the package I refused and then sent it to the wrong place. Return address was N. Las Vegas NV but it went to Phoenix, AZ where the recipient refused it. Cox rep understood quickly, and got the charges taken off my account in a day or two.

Home, Spook wanted me to sit in the recliner, so I did and she jumped on my lap and then on the side table. Jade was being shy all day, curled up in her tree hutch, or on the top tier of the tree.

Watched some Vets On The Beach until it was time to go to hematology for a blood test. check-in FAIL, the staff went on break and left a sign-in sheet which was not writable. When they came back fromm break they put a real sign in sheet in place. Was called in about 15 minutes late, two vials of blood taken and then go home.

It was blustery and the car was rained on enough to turn the wipers on intermittent for about 5 minutes.

Checked the mail, junk only.

Got shirts out of the dryer and ran a dishwasher load.

Caught up on the Internet, turned on Tivo and watched 90 Day The Other Way. Sumit's mother came over to teach Jenny how to be a good Indian wife, and OMG that kitchen is a mess. Mom directed her, and a lot of unsanitary crap which Jenny had basically thrown on the floor got put in the trash. I would not eat anything made in that kitchen. Sumit's mom was direct and specific, but made no rude comments. Jenny took it all in her paranoid way, thinking she was being abused and encouraged to go back to America. I didn't get that at all. Sumit was very smarmy about it all, because he was raised to not do any housework. Meanwhile Alina's mom is in Turkey visiting her and Steven, sees right through him, suggests Alina come home with her but Alina thinks she is in LOVE®. Finally, some good news, Kenny and Armando visit an orphanage for HIV+ children, bringing toys and spending the afternoon playing with the kids. Kenny sees some positives in adopting, but Armando is stuck on having a child in vitro because he wants his child to have Kenny's bloodline.

5 pm, off to the clubhouse for MNF. The usual stupid line up for food confusion. Instead of the normal left to right pay->get buns->get burger or hot dog-> apply condiments, the condiments are on the right side, the pay/buns is in the middle and the meat is on the left. So there's no clear way to line up. But the hot dog was good, and inside tables were set up, chips and drinks were free. I stayed through the first quarter, chatting with the guy next to me who had come from the midwest by way of Hawaii. He said they would come to Vegas to gamble, there are 3 direct flights a day, finally they moved here.

Nobody was paying attention to the game. It was all couples and old friends visiting each other. I left at the end of the first quarter. Watched some of the game on my big TV.

8 pm BASFA zoom was good & long. Lots of reviews. Too many rumors of the week.

Brought Jade some canned food. She's still schizo, sometimes rubbing her face against my hand and suddenly being scared of my hand.

9:30 am appointment with contractor to get an estimate on 3 projects. Maybe more because the porch could use new carpet and a pull-down shade.
90 Day Pillow Talk
Below Deck Med finale & reunion
. Capt. posted on Twitter that she finished with the same crew she started with, forgetting she fired one of them who is not in the reunion photo.
90 Day The Single Life
Maybe some Hot Bench and Antiques Road Show
Outdoor Nevada
final 2/3.

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