Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I'm a waiter

Got up and dressed in plenty of time for my 9:30 am appointment with the contractor. But he didn't show up or respond to my text. Will call another contractor tomorrow.

Email from a local recruiter, from the same contract agency of the recently failed job, with a QA position. He was late to our 2:30 pm phone call, but not by much. Bottom line is it's not a fit. As ususal they are looking for superman, someone who can do manual testing of front end, middleware and back end, and help find and fix bugs in the code. And they need someone with online betting app experience.

Skype call with a friend happened on time at 4, but was shortened because friend had tickets to a musical.

Dinner time, microwave gave out with meal 2/3 cooked. Nuked it some more. After lots of shopping online spent more than I wanted on a new one from Best Buy. Should be delivered tomorrow.

Watched PTI, 90 Day Single Life and its Pillow Talk.

Below Deck Med finale did not live up to its name - no one needed medical attention. Well, okay, the chef needed sedation, but that's just my opinion. The episode was followed with Andy Cohen's gathering all the cast except She Who Shall Not Be Named, for and after-filming tell-some. Apparently the cast and some of the crew had a house party after in which everyone was naked at some point(s). Capt. Sandy keeps hiding behind her excuse that she did not know about the crew's shenanigans until after filming was done, but that just tells me she's not a very good captain.

At about 8 pm I needed tn lie down for half an hour. No energy. Got up and did some online shopping. Test strips, faux fox fur rug, paper bowls, microwave.

PCP appointment in the afternoon.
Several deliveries

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