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Cable foo, meals delivered. PCP appointment, microwave delivered

This morning I stripped the bed and replaced the dark blue bamboo sheets with white floral microfiber. Spook did not help, but she spent most of the day under the bed close enough the the foot that she was in plain sight.

After breakfast, went to Cox Cable again, the equipment rules apparently have changed, and the rep who I talked to was making stuff up. He said I need to return the cable box because it hasn't been used. I had tried to return it when they sent it to me back in June 2020, but they said I had to keep it because it was part of the plan I'd signed up for, even though I was using my Tivo instead. So tomorrow I'll grab it from the shed and bring it to the UPS store, which the email from Cox says they will pay for, no box needed.

Last night my fancy Toshiba Alexa/Google Home compatible microwave limped and died. The turntable gave out and then the magnetron. Bad timing because my Mom's Meals delivery was due today, these are 2 week's worth of healthy microwave meals free from Humana. I had qualified for 3 deliveries, but after the first one I had to pause because of dental work. My crowns are in and the partial works okay with them (new partial in a month will be a slight improvement). So I ordered a new microwave from Best Buy, this time without wi-fi, because it turned out to not be needed very often. Got an LG, which plays the same music as my oven. Kind of expensive, but elegant. And on sale. It's a weird design, no buttons on the front, they are behind the door. Put the food in, push the buttons, close the door and hit Start. One requirement was to have a brute force door, not a push-button because those buttons fail.

I made dinner (a Mom's Meal) in it, and it worked fine. One nice feature I discovered is that it chimes when the food is done, but it chimes again a minute later, which works because these meals want to be left in the oven a minute after they are done.

The meals had been delayed a day, and they called me to let me know that if they didn't arrive cold, I should toss them and call them for a new delivery. But they were cold, the two big cold packs were still frozen. I parked the meals on a shelf in the fridge, 4 units high, 3 deep, and went to watch TV. Somewhere in there I re-arranged the meals so lunch/dinner was on the left and breakfast on the right.

The Bachelorette first episode. Way too much padding at the start, and the co-hostesses went through each bachelor's room before they made their official entrances, and found one guy had a playbook with all kinds of cheats for getting good edits, more screen time, moves which had worked for others in the past. He arrived in an ice cream truck, with his shirt awkwardly half open under his blazer. IRL he has nothing to do with ice cream trucks, but it made a big impression on M (the bachelorette). However, the hostesses outed him, M took him to his room and read through the playbook and sent him home. Yay. Except this meant several contestants got zero time with her.

There were a couple of WTF moments, two guys introduced themselves in Spanish. M does not speak Spanish. One guy named Joe, who is from her hometown, had been messaging her about her basketball playing (she went to college on a basketball scholarship) but apparently he stopped writing and then magically appears as a bachelor. The producers manufactured a moment of angst at final rose time, but she gave it to Joe, who IMHO is fake. They have to have at least one drama llama. The world has known M was the next bachelorette for more than a year.

There was another producer-inspired intro. A big burly fireman came in riding a kid's toy fire truck. It was awkward. A couple of bachelors later, in comes a full sized hook & ladder with lights flashing, and delivers a bigger, burlier fireman.  And one idiot arrived as part of a dinner table with his head poked through a hole in the middle, covered by a catering dome. When M lifted the dome, she screamed and ran a couple of feet away. Idiot stayed in the table for way too long. Creepie. But he got a rose. Go figure.

Watched one Hot Bench trial, and PTI, plus the second half of Outdoor Nevada.

Switched to Prime Video on the new TV, caught the latest episode of Lower Decks, discovered a forgotten series Tales from The Loop and watched one episode. It dragged a lot. Started a movie called Alienated which is supposedly about a young scientist who encounters a UFO, falls in love with an artist who turns out to be from the UFO, but they waste way too much screen time on his mentally unhealthy hoarder father. It's paused.

Plans for tomorrow:
UPS, ship the Cox box
CVS, pick up a drug for my infected toes, and probably buy more dark chocolate mints
Phone my Baltimore sister who is planning on being here this weekend
Try to make a urology appointment

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