Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Happy returns

To johnnyeponymous!

Missed the planned free breakfast because it took too long to schedule a urology appointment with a phone bank rep who was having a bad listening day. And my call to middle sister went to voicemail, who texted she will call back later because she is visiting with in-laws.

Finally made it to UPS, took the Cox cable box to be returned, and he opened up the box it was in, lifted out the accessories tray, scanned the serial number on the bottom of the unit and printed out a returned equipment receipt.

Next stop, CVS for an anti-infection prescription. Pharmacist says wait till I'm done with the E. Coli drug before taking it. That would be the day after tomorrow. Bought some snacks - Dove dark chocolate & mint drops, macadamia nuts. And non-snack spot bandages.

Home, cold pack delivery on the porch, Ozempic pens.

Later, another cold pack was a partial WTF - lancets are not a cold item, but the R-150 insulin is. Humana had listed that online for $1200 but I'm in the catastrophic care period so only $65.

Amazon delivered a box of 10" picnic bowls which I use for ice cream, nuts, treats, etc. And a 6-foot by 2-foot faux fox fur rug which Spook immediately jumped on when I set it on the floor in front of the sofa. She tried pulling it up with her teeth but decided it was better to just lie on it.

Married At First Sight latest episode was a disaster. Couples retreat at a dude ranch broke up one couple and seriously bent two others. The Unfiltered segment after showed one of those couples is pretending to be on the same page, though they clearly are not.

Started watching PTI but the feed was all garbled.

Sister called, we worked out her plans to visit Sunday. Turns out she was in Arizona visiting in-laws.

Started watching a NOVA program on edible insects, which started with familiar street vendors in Thailand. It's like the way cereal is sold in the US - doesn't matter what the shape is, the important thing is the flavoring. Thai hot & sweet sauce is yummy and makes even insects taste okay. It helps that they are roasted or fried to a crisp. But I started falling asleep so I went to bed for an hour.

Going to sleep early tonight because:

wake up at 6 for my 7:30 skin cancer operation, which apparently is an all-day process. I have to remember to bring my tablet for something to read.

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