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Set Alexa to wake me at 6 am, and glad I did because it was a rare 2 hours from the last bathroom trip. Did all my morning stuff, heated up a breakfast meal of a scrambled egg patty and two pancakes, with lo-cal syrup, side dessert of apple cobbler which I ate 1/4 of and put back in the fridge for later.

Got to the LV Skin & Cancer center at 7:15 for my 7:30 appointment. There was a consent form to sign and a short wait. Too short to get my tablet on their wi-fi.

Nurse got me ready, surgeon came in to verify I knew where he would be cutting. He said the biopsy showed he would be going in deep.

He left, nurse did not numb the area before poking me with the needle in multiple places. It hurt a lot. But then I was numb. Surgeon came back in, said the nurse did a good job over a large area. When he cut, all I felt was a little pressure.

Next step was for Dr. to look at what he sliced out and decide if there was more to remove. I made the mistake of asking to stay lying on my back instead of sitting up, and it was a long wait with no way to call the nurse. When they came back in I got her to let me sit up so I could breathe. Only needed a couple of minutes, then back down and Dr. did some more cutting and scraping. And suturing. It did not hurt but I could feel the sewing. Nurse put a bandage on it, sat me up and had me wait in the waiting room in front.

I took out my tablet and opened up the Kindle app and started reading Bob's Saucer Repair a cute story about a handyman who comes home to a broken flying saucer in his garage. Got a couple of chapters in before Nurse Jessica tapped me on the shoulder and said I could go, after I made a return appointment in 10 days with the liquid nitrogen addict. So I didn't get the spot on my head looked at.

The instructions & nurse said to remove the bandage after 24 hours, apply some Vaseline to the stitches and put on a new bandage.

Home, mail person was still loading mailboxes so I could not collect mine.

Had to make a CVS run for the Vaseline - I thought I had some but no. Wanted to go to the new one NE of me, but did not believe the GPS and ended up in a big circle, back at my local branch.

Read the news, horrible "accident" with a prop gun in the hands of a comedian. I've been shot with a blank at close range, that won't kill you. There had to be a live round in the gun, and for two people to be hit, two rounds minimum. Alec Baldwin was clowning around. It will be interesting to see how the bullets got into the gun. And it wasn't really a prop gun - those usually have a bar welded into the barrel to break up the flaming cotton packing - a live round might make a prop gun explode.
The anesthetic and stress and lack of sleep told me to sit in the recliner and watch the Browns run all over the Colts. So I did, mostly using the 30-second skip feature at the end of each play. Football looks really great on the new TV.

PTI was epic. 20th anniversary show, and they were told that one of their regular fill-in hosts had put together something in place of their usual Happy Birthday segment. They had not been allowed to see it until the live show.

Four Hot Bench episodes on Tivo, but the last two were some conservative news show. Checked the listings and Hot Bench is gone. Oh well. Canceled the recordings.

Nothing else on Tivo, so I fired up the TV and pushed the Prime Video button. Was surprised there were new free episodes of The Equalizer. Very well acted, this season they are lighting the sets, no more shooting in the dark. Who knew Queen Latifah was such a fine actress?

Tried to take a nap around 6, but settled for a lie-down listening to a busy LVFD scanner, sucking on Dove dark chocolate mint swirls.

Dinner was a salisbury steak on rice with a side of mixed veggies meal, which said to also eat a piece of (provided) whole wheat bread. Weird, bread and rice don't mix. But they do with enough butter. The last of a Turkey Farms mint chocolate chip ice cream container to round it off.

Delivered was a 6-pack of pheromones, the two in Jade's room were empty and the two by the aquarium were close. Jade poked her face near the one in her room between the book shelves. The other is behind the door.

Spook is loving the fake fur rug.

Plans for tomorrow:
Remove the anti-pigeon barbs from the front ramp railing. Don't need them now that I've stopped putting kibble out
Maybe drive across town for the EV car show. Just to tell them that an EV car is useless without a network of fast chargers

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