Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Got a lot done for a quiet day

Last night before bedtime Spook ran into the shower and started making noises I do not think I've heard from her before. Like confused whining. Turns out she found a cricket in there, and it was proving difficult to catch. This morning it was in three pieces.

Took off the bandage over the cancer surgery wound and it was a mess. Petroleum jelly mixed with blood. Patted it dry, applied a tiny bit of PJ, and trimmed a Band Aid to sort of fit. I may need to trim my mustache tomorrow to get it to stick.

Breakfast was a Mom's Meal called egg scramble primavera. It was not to my liking - the veggies were mixed with the eggs and were in some kind of picante or salsa sauce. The chopped apple side dish was overly sweet, but edible.

Put on shoes, went outside and unplugged the car.

Read the news - AP made their coverage of the Laundrie kid disappear. Apparently Alec Baldwin's freak accident merits many more articles higher in the list.

After breakfast and the news, I grabbed a big screwdriver and a pair of pliers and went out on the porch to remove the pigeon spikes from the railing. They came off much more easily than expected, but there were a lot more of them than I remembered.

Filled two hummingbird feeders and put them out. One replaced the empty one in front, the other is near the porch door. Not sure if it will attract any birds.

Out of Apple juice, I considered ordering delivery but wanted to see what other juices were available - the variety has expanded a lot lately. Drove to the store, got apple, grape, Mango-banana and Strawberry-Kiwi. Very surprised at how many forms of cranberry juice there are. I can't stand the stuff. Bought some "holiday nog" by a local dairy. None of the mainstream egg nogs are on the shelf yet. Also bought a couple of packs of Halloween size Butterfingers.

Home, bubbled up some soda water, diet cola and diet ginger ale - I'm all out of the SodaStream ginger ale syrup. Ordered a 4-pack online. So now my fridge is completely full on the top shelf with drinkables.

Lots on Tivo - Below Deck Med Galley Talk, which is nowhere near as good as 90 Day Pillow Talk. Shark Tank90 Day teaser in which we see Alina make the wrong decision, Cory continue to be a clueless idiot, Jenny starts to understand that Sumit's mom is not Satan, and Ari doesn't get it that Bini turns off his phone because of her incessant nagging.

Started recording and watched two Dr. Pol episodes. Way too much narration, way too much hype. Nice to see female vets joining his practice. And the diversity of animals is impressive.

Glad to see the Dodgers lose the pennant race.

Took a short nap around 5:30, was woken by the reminder to change the litterboxes. Jade used hers right away, making a major mining operation of it. She also has been playing with toys a lot, so I threw in one more mouse-like object which she batted all over the place. Spook is loving her new fur rug, and also has been pulling toys out of the pile to play with.

Plans for tomorrow:
Trim my mustache and maybe give myself a haircut before I shower.

Middle sister & her hubby will be here around 4. Dinner at 7 at The Angry Butcher. Maybe play the Happy Time segment from Friday's PTI if they have not seen it.

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