Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Family visit, football and needy cats

Oatmeal on potatoes with a side of scrambled eggs was the pre-made breakfast. Very filling. The eggs needed cheese.

Read all the news, won a game of solitaire and lost a game of tile-matching because the programmer stacked matching tiles on top of each other.

Tivo had lots of stuff, I watched the Titans beating the crap out of Kansas City, until the WTF network decided that game was over after the 3rd quarter and switched to the even more lopsided  Bengals trashing the Ravens. They need to show the entire game that they start with.

Watched the first half of the Raiders game, which is when the recording caught up with real time.

Baltimore sister and brother in law were on their way from Arizona, where they were visiting family, due at about 4 pm so I passed the rest of the time watching Gold Rush and FFing through the narration.  

They decided to check into their hotel first, and got here around 4:30. I gave them the tour of the house. They caught a glimpse of Spook as she fled from the living room to under the bed, and while Jade was hiding in her tree hutch and would not come down, she let my sister pet her.

They had not seen PTI's 20th anniversary segment so I played that for them. They enjoyed it. Good use of the big TV.

We chatted till 6:30, then I drove us to Sam's Town and showed them the waterfall, then we had dinner at The Angry Butcher. Good food, big portions, okay service, about $100 for the three of us.

We got out at 8:00, just as the waterfall light show started. It was impressive, and very pretty.

Back to my place, they gave me all the leftovers and went back to their hotel. They have a lunch date tomorrow with a nephew who is an air traffic controller at LAS airport.

I watched the rest of the Raiders game, was surprised they won handily.

The full 90 Day The Other Way showed three couples whose relationships are doomed, and one whose American spouse is getting homesick. He hasn't worked at all to integrate with Mexico's culture or language.

Then an episode of Vets on the Beach.

Plans for tomorrow:
Take out the garbage
make a nails appointment


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