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Some fishiness and a Below Deck FAIL

Did I mention I gave myself a haircut yesterday?
No need to rush getting out of bed this morning, so I got out the tablet, ordered some kibble for the cats, and when the lights came on and the morning Google Home routine played I was surprised that Spook joined me on the bed. She may have been under it most of the night.

Read some more Bob's Flying Saucer Repair,  it continues to be a juvenile effort packed with 1960's movie and TV references, bad puns and unlikely romances. And a puppy.

After shower most of the bloody mess which was my stitches wound was reduced to just the stitches, and I was able to craft a bandage from gauze and paper medical tape which covered the wound without touching my eye. But the tape is old, and not as adhesive as it had been, so I rooted around in the closet and found some slightly better stuff.

Checked email, FB and the news sites. AP is giving Trump and his goons way too much coverage.

Drove to Trop, expecting to buy a male betta and three medium sized white with black accents angelfish. They had a betta whose colors matched my females, but they had male and female opaline gouramis, so I got two pair and then bought three 3/$10 baby platinum angels. There is a lot of live plants floating in the tank, I hope the babies will be able to hide in there till they grow. Right now they are about half an inch wide, they can grow to 4 or 5 inches.

Stopped at CVS on the way home for fresh surgical paper tape and a selection of bandages closer to the sizes I need.

Home - mailbox was empty. Put the fish in their bags in the tank and dropped the bandages off in the bathroom. Jade has been crying a LOT, so I spent some time with her.

As planned, I opened the gate with Spook waiting on the other side. Big mistake. Spook ran full blast at Jade, followed her up the tree and proceeded to thrash her from the top tier. At one point Jade was hanging upside down from the 2nd tier from the top. Jade ran down the tree and tried to hide in her old spot on the storage rack, Spook was about to follow when I grabbed her and re-directed her out to the hall.

Neither of them were injured, but Jade has been howling on and off all day. I think it may be time to give up on a 2-cat household. But I'll wait till Jade's vet appointment Nov. 9. Maybe. That's a long way off.

Tivo time, 90 Day Single Life and its Pillow Talk season finale. Everything looked okay until they showed snippets of the upcoming tell-all, where Ed has been dumped by Liz, Molly and Kelley are together, and Brittany is a  no-show.

PTI was okay and will improve once the World Series starts. Maybe. Below Deck first episode of the season was a mess. Capt. Lee was ill, and they had the total loser captain who had brought the boat to the harbor take over the first charter. And batshit crazy potty mouth chef Rachel is back. Chief stew is new, pretty disorganized and 2nd stew is a man with serious OCD while 3rd loves to do laundry which is good. The deck crew looks good but Capt. Loser won't let them do their jobs sometimes. As a result meals were late and a beach trip was 2 hours late. Hoping Lee finds his way to the boat real soon.

Breakfast was a cheese omelet on a waffle, lunch was micro-lasagna to which I added a piece of chopped up string cheese. Sonic fudge shake for an afternoon snack, it was rock solid from being in the freezer overnight so it took a while. Reheated the rest of my prime rib from Monday night, it was excellent. Butterfinger Halloween size dessert, sticks to my dentures. Still yummy.

Spook is still on my bed. Hmm.

No plans for tomorrow. It could be a good day to take the camera out to the strip.

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