Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Kind of a nothing day, but with deliveries

Once again Spook was on the bed at first, then disappeared until the alarm turned the lights on. Then she joined me. Jade has been crying again, a lot. And now from time to time she stands in front of the gate, looking out, but she runs away when Spook appears, and sometimes when I do too. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to her vocalizing, except it stops when I go into her room.

My Plan A for today was to drive to the strip early afternoon, and take pictures, but applying the bandage to the surgery scar reminded me that I shoot right-eyed now, and can't do that till the stitches are out. So I stayed home.

AP outdid themselves with the stupid headline (since fixed) saying "Nor'Easter batters the Northeast". Duh.

Breakfast was another cheese omelet, to which I added a slice of Kraft Singles during the second heating. The apple dessert was too runny and crisp-less so it got dumped.

My Hgl was way too high overnight, I think the Novalog has run its course so I popped open a fresh vial and did a series of injections and Hgl readings while finishing the last Sonic chocolate shake.

Watched The Bachelorette and the producers did it again - they let a liar tell her a fib which derailed the cocktail party which meant some guys were sent home without a chance to meet her. And of course they had her give the final rose to the Jerk™ who got all upset at the top of his voice when another guy called him a narcissist (accurately). The liar did get a date with her and a rose so he was safe. He should not have been.

PTI  was minus Mike, Pablo had the inner harbor as his background.

Took a nap around 6, but Hgl dropped too low, so ice cream instead of dinner. Recovered watching The Equalizer on Prime Video via the new TV's app.

Deliveries - SodaStream 4 each of diet ginger ale and diet cola syrups.
After snailmail, texts, email and online notifying me they were canceling my Lantus insulin prescription for duplicating the U-500 insulin (which my doctor removed from the list) a cold pack with 18 vials of Lantus appeared on my porch. Fedex just left it there, did not ring the door bell or knock and no delivery notice.

Still reeling from the low Hgl, so I'm going to bed early.

Married at First Sight
Outdoor Nevada

10:30 pm Fantasy show at the Luxor

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