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It's Too Darned Hot

Listen to me, intrepid Thailand explorer, complaining about a mere 98 degrees. Actually, it was only 92 in Bangkok today, with thunder showers.Anyhow, I ran off to the movies at noon and caught Monster House. And I'm catching a cold. So far it's been mild.

The theater was packed, surprise surprise. Good movie, took a while for the plot to develop, and they lost some of the magic of animation by trying to make it look like a real movie. It would have been nice if they had spent less cells on the transition scenery and more on making the characters look like their hair wasn't glued in place. Except for the hair, the animation was super.

Went home, ran the air conditioner and discovered that even with the windows closed, the upstairs remained a furnace. Didn't matter if the windows were open of closed or if the fan was pointed in or out. So no playing on the PC. Stayed downstairs and watched the DVD of Last Holiday, which was thoroughly entertaining. I think they had originally planned on Emil (the chef) to play a major role, but they punted and hired an actor to spoof Wolfgang Puck instead. Gerard Depardieu done good. Queen Latifa has really become a fine actress, but I wish they would have let her sing more in this flick. Great cinematography, very good audio editing except for the places where they played music (always too loud) to make up for the fact that there was no dialog in a scene. Costumes were superb, especially The Queen's fancy gowns. Pretty good casting, though the Senator was not nearly smarmy enough and the Obligatory German Nazi Woman Valet was way over the top in her stereotype, and that type did not belong in the role of presidential suite valet anyway.

After the movie, the cats yelled at me to let them out on the patio. It's 97 degrees out there, and 73 inside, so I figured they would come right back in. But they didn't. So I turned off the aircon, put on my shoes, and went out for dinner & another show. The Enigma was a one-time reader's theater presentation at Santa Clara Players. One friend on stage, lots of friends in the audience. It's a one-act about people who hallucinate instead of having real relationships. It's a very funny comedy - but you pretty much have to see it to get it.

On the way to the theater I picked up some DayQuil and took a big dose, but still had trouble keeping my eyes open during the show. Am now wrapped around a banana-coconut frappucino at one of the Starbucks which is open till midnight. It's helping the throat not feel too sore.

No plans for tomorrow, though I do have Madame Butterfly from Netflix, and I suppose I should see Clerks II. Depends on whether this cold goes away or not. Should also work on my tan. The apartment  pool has not been very refreshing lately - it's too warm.

Should also look into making reservations for Penzance, Cardiff, Glasgow and Inverness. They're only about 2 weeks away.
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