Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Dentist 2 and the bachelorette

It was a rough night, thanks to my GI tract. Finally got to sleep around 6 am, woke at 8, Spook jumped on the bed, meowed at me, purred loudly then curled up against me. All rare moves for her.

Motion sensor on a hallway light malfunctioned, stuck in the on position, very annoying. More annoying is the batteries needed a screwdriver to access and I did not have one in the bedroom or bathroom.

Back to sleep, then awake at 10.

Fed the fish, noticed over the last 2 days the 4 or 5 kuhli loaches I've had forever were out and about for the first time since I bought them. Nice to see they are alive and well, and have not grown massively. The baby platinum angel fish are growing a lot, but I only see 2 out of 3. Kind of surprised 2 have survived. Spent a lot of time cleaning the filter, which meant priming the pump. It took a lot of work, finesse and luck. Ordered a pump which does not need to be primed.

The hummingbirds are not drinking much from the feeders. Time for different feeders. These only have one small hole, to prevent bees. But it's winter, so bees should not be a problem.

Tried on the new partial, it is a FAIL. It twists the crowns, and once on is a PIA to remove.

2-ish, drove to a denture place which has its own lab. Talked to the woman at the front desk who seemed more than a receptionist, she had all the right answers. Got an appointment for Monday afternoon for X-rays and and exam. Looks like the price will be < $1k, because they will give either a senior discount or a Humana discount, whichever is the lower price. Should be done in a month.

Stopped at the PO and mailed the SodaSense empties.

Hit Albertson's for cupcakes and cake, and bananas. Also ice cream and no-teeth frozen meals. Tuna casserole and turkey tetrazini.

Missed the T-day meal at the clubhouse, but no teeth and super-spreader made that a non-starter anyway.

Gold Rush was a rerun.

The Bachelorette was another WIN, mostly. She sent home the guy her students liked best because despite him checking all the boxes in theory, there was no chemistry, and he really was there on a football scholarship, in a way. Tall, wide, muscular, but no personality. Better still, she sent home the last of the narcissists. It took a word in her ear from one of the other guys for her to figure out he needed to be 86ed. But then she did not give a rose to that guy, who was another case of lots of size & muscle, but frankly she failed to give him the one on one time he deserved. The four finalists were 100% predictable, but IMHO only one is really a match. And I don't think that's who she will choose.

The Equalizer is on cable, CBS, don't need to chase it on Amazon Prime. They have decided not to follow up on a romance between the main character and her NYPD contact. But they have opened the door between her and her CIA mentor.

Booked a Hoover Dam tour for Saturday but have to call tomorrow because online there is no way to opt in for the boat ride. This would be my final calendar photos op.

Cashed in another $10k from my IRA. need it to finance the partial & the calendar.

Watch football
Call about the tour booking

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