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Work Squee

I am finally legal. Got my badge at lunchtime, and had a pretty productive day actually learning how to run one of the tests, and checking results across several servers. It's a more complex product than the one I'd been working with, but chalk that up to the relative lack of power of PC servers compared to Unix boxes. More servers are required to do the same work. On the other hand, it's all Windows interface stuff, much much easier to deal with across machines than command line. And I managed to break both the product and the test tool in my first 2 hours of using them.

Much more to learn, but it is wonderful after a week of red tape BS to finally get to do what I went there for.

The only down side is I have a cold, and was kind of dragging. Good thing I brought extra DayQuil with me, and they had chicken noodle soup at the cafeteria. Unfortunately, all the teas they have in the break room are decaf, except for the two I don't like. Earl Grey and Black. I've never liked Earl Grey tea, and I blame its current popularity not on its taste, but on that of Jean-Luc Picard.
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