Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Quickly, I hope

It's busy at work. I get a few minutes a day to glance at LJ, but that's about all. And sometime between now and Thursday morning I need to pack. And take out the garbage.

Most of my day at work was spent analyzing data from yesterdays tests, and learning how to fill in the weekly report which, while not particularly complicated, takes time to whittle everything down.

Lunchtime I had to go home, there were two packages from UPS overnighted from PrecisionRx.com, which did an excellent job of getting me my 3-month supply of meds before my vacation. Since it included insulin, it was all in a cold pack, which was still plenty cold when I opened it up. I am very pleased.

Back at work, I had a visit from Pete Jr., a guy who worked with me (actually, I hired him) in tech support at VXtreme in 1996-7 until Microsoft bought the company and moved us to Redmond. Like me, he had been elsewhere before coming the the Mountain View MS. I can't recall if he went to Redmond with us or not. Anyhow, he took a stab at being a CEO before joining MS down here. And in other small-worldishness, he's the division's liaison with a part of the company I just left.

This evening I went to the tech demo meetup in Palo Alto. It was not as interesting as last time, but worth going to anyway. First presentation was 30boxes.com, which is kind of the ultimate fusion of all your web journals, calendars, photo hostings, etc. I may give it a try, it puts all your friends from all your sites into the same interface, and the nice man says they mostly discover those automagically. Loomia was next, they seem to be a fairly mercenary outfit selling the service of putting those obnoxious "People who bought this also bought...." links onto their customers' web pages. Strikeiron is a major league API vendor which does amazing things using the back end of Excel. His demo looked up a phone number, found the town it was located in, looked up the census figures for that town, and text messaged it to our meeting host's cell phone. They sell this to banks and such. Final demo was siteKreator, an amazingly lame web site building tool. I guess the company realized this, so they offer it for free and charge for hosting your site.

One announcement sounded interesting - Info Bay Area is having a networking party at the computer history museum tomorrow night. $15 a head, seems reasonable. Maybe I'll go. If I think I can pack when I get home. I was also thinking of going to the Democratic Party meetup in Palo Alto. Will decide on impulse, as usual.

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