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Leaving on a Jet Plane

Did most of my packing last night, and am now all done except for the things that get tossed into the carry-on bag. Didn't go to either of the two gatherings on my calendar, because at the last minute I could not find the AC adapters I'd bought, so needed to hit Rad Shack. Turns out I had bought the wrong ones last time, so it's good I made the trip. While I was in the area, I also hit Walmart for a picture frame. One of my gifts is a 10-inch square of embroidered cloth, which I figured I would frame instead of just giving loose. Wait for the update when I discover whether it made it through unbroken. It's in my checked bag, which is a strong metal shell, and it's packed between a bedspread and my bathrobe. Walmart was unusually crowded, and of course I got into the line with the trainee cashier and extraordinarily stupid people ahead of me. The other lines were faster, but not by much. And of course the register chose my receipt to jam up on, with no manager in sight to fix it. Took 20 minutes all told.

I would have done this trip with carry-on only, except for needing to bring along a suit for the wedding.  When I knew I didn't have to lug it around England with me, I decided to bring my full Col. Sanders outfit. White coat, vest, pants, belt, shoes, tie, shirt. It'll look grand and very American in the wedding photos. As I was looking for a silver tie clip which I know I have somewhere, I ended up going through all my suits. Almost plotzed when I opened a garment bag and found the Thai silk navy blue suit I'd had made in Bangkok, for just such an occasion. Fist smacks forehead. But there's no turning back now, because I'd made a special effort to have the pant cuffs taken up, and the pants cleaned and pressed. Sigh.The cousins have volunteered to hold onto that while I traipse around the countryside, since I'll end the trip at their place. What I've done is packed the presents, which are mostly cloth, and set on top of that a day pack which has my clothes and some sundries packed inside it. By the time I leave Brighton on Monday, the presents will have been given out, a few things which are packed alongside the backpack (because the suitcase won't close if they are inside it) will go into the pack. So will my laptop and the carry-on stuff. So for my train travels I'll be working out of a medium sized day pack.

At lunchtime I stopped by the Microsoft company store and picked up some pens and a Windows Vista baseball cap, and also a T-shirt which will go to my sister when I get back home. It's white letters on black cloth, and it says "elbitapmoc sdrawkcab" in mirror image, in a sort of child's handwriting font.

I've taken out the garbage, run the dishwasher, put out my clothes for tomorrow, topped off the cats' food & water, put vacation food blocks in the aquarium, put away the stack of CDs which were in a pile on my computer desk, plugged in the Sony music player to charge, ditto the cell  phone and bluetooth earpiece.

The question is, what am I forgetting? And will it matter?
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