Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Hello from SFO

Got to the Park'n'Fly lot at about 10:40, waited 10 minutes for a shuttle (as a couple passed by empty without stopping). The line was not too long at the United counter - maybe 20 people ahead of me, but it was slow. The lack of people in line was made up for by entire families and their assorted luggage magically appearing when the individual got to the check-in counter. It took 20 minutes to get there.

The machine read my passport, told me who I am, and offered me more leg room for an extra $99. No thanks. Then it refused to assign me a seat. Apparently the plane is a continuing flight from LA, and they assign coach class seats at the gate, which sucks. When I booked my ticket, I know it let me choose my seat. So much for the concept of reservations.

It's now 11:50, the flight doesn't load for another 40 minutes. I wandered through the duty-free store, and somehow was not surprised that the prices were a good 25-50% higher than normal retail. Also walked through a travel stuff store, and they had the same adapters I bought last night for less than Radio Shack. Oy.

The loading gate is downstairs, and I'm there now in a booth which was set up to be a phone booth, but the phone was never installed. There's an AC outlet which works, and a counter top the right size for a laptop, and a nice bench to sit on. And the airport wireless is t-mobile, which I have an account on.

This is the part of traveling I hate. Waiting. I was up at the usual time this morning, but didn't have to leave the house until 10, so there was an extra hour of waiting there too. I filled it by watching some inane morning shows on TV, then firing up the playstation and playing Time Crisis 3 left-handed.Until my arm got tired, then I switched to right-handed. Went upstairs where the cats had repossessed my bed, and  brushed them with the undercoat brush.They both needed it, especially Pumpkin, who was starting to mat up a little.

The item I forgot to pack is a jacket, which I remembered just before heading out the door.

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