Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Security Theatre

Great Britain has proved they are even more stupid than America when it comes to airport security theater. It isn't security, it's just a feeble-minded attempt at the appearance of security to disallow any kind of carry-on items. The only thing this will do is make Samsonite richer. I'm fairly lucky, I brought a large checked bag with me, and except for my laptop and camera, everything I took with me fit in there. I may not be as lucky about the timing, I'm due to fly out early Sunday morning, my flight may be overbooked or canceled. Missing work will cost me dearly, since I don't get paid if I'm not there. My cousins will put me up for as long as necessary, so I'm very lucky that way. Travel insurance wouldn't cover this, and it's no use anyway because I need to get home somehow, it's not like I can cancel my holiday, like the locals. Big diff between being disappointed and stranded.
Tags: england

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