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Bad Day at Black Gulch

It was not a good day.

Started out with a phone call to HP asking if they would take back the iPaq I'd sent in, and repair it. They told me they would charge me a second $50 inspection fee. That sucked. The going rate on eBay was equal to the repair job minus that $50.

Hopped on my bike, and was within a few yards of the parking lot at work when I realized I had left my badge and glasses home. Rode back, got them, and drove back.

The two projects I was working on at the office got nowhere.

The lunch to welcome a couple of new employees was canceled when one of them had not checked his email, and didn't know about it.

My dinner date called at the last minute to postpone till tomorrow.

I couldn't find the aquarium plants I've been looking for at the last place that might have them.

And I couldn't find a DVD I wanted to copy for my cousins in England, so am now re-capturing from the original tape.

After half an hour on the phone with a total of one extremely obnoxious voice-activated automaton and 6 humans at Orbitz, they promised to email me tomorrow with the results of my demand for a refund of my Glasgow hotel fee.

And I've got a cold.

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