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Big Project, Getting Closer

I'm uploading something like 1500 photos and their thumbnails and web pages as I write this. My trip to Great Britain (I didn't hit Ireland, so it wasn't the UK, and I went to Wales and Scotland, so it wasn't just England). I've journaled about half the trip, and will fill in the rest in the next few days. Also captured some maps to give you an idea of the extent of my travels.

If you want to poke around the construction site, This is the parent directory, go there at your own risk. The photos are split up by the day I took them. Click on the dates below to see the corresponding images:

04Aug: Arrival in London-Heathrow, express train to Paddington, tube to Victoria Station, train to Brighton (Hove, actually). See the wedding dress construction party and the reception hall decorating, followed by a picnic on Brighton beach.

05Aug: The wedding at Brighton Town Hall, a few shots of the Gay Pride festivities, doble-decker bus ride to the reception at The Barn theatre

06Aug: Walking and bus tour of Brighton and Hove, informal drinks with the bride & groom and family at a beachside bar

07Aug: Train ride from Hove to Penzance, via Portsmouth,  Bath, Bristol and Plymouth. Evening in Penzance, moon setting on the sea.

08Aug: Walking tour of Penzance (me in front of the Police Station), train ride to Cardiff via Bristol and Newport. Some shots of Millennium Stadium, Cardiff Castle and downtown Cardiff.

09Aug: Walking tour of Cardiff High Street, train ride to Glasgow via Hereford, Shrewsbury, Crewe, Manchester, Lancaster and Carlisle. Rush hour on Glasgow's motorways, evening walking tour of Glasgow.

10Aug: More Glasgow motorway, train ride to Inverness via Sterling and Perth, and a lot of pretty scenery. Downtown Inverness and the shores of Loch Ness. Boat tour of Loch Ness and Urquart Castle.

11Aug: Inverness to Bourne End (London Suburbs) via Perth, Sterling, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Darlington, York and Peterborough. Cousins Brian & Viv's house in Bourne End, and nearby scenery.

12Aug: More Bourne End, Little Marlow, Marlow, High Wycombe and and the grounds of Bejamin Disraeli's Stately Home, Hughenden Manor in Buckinghamshire.
Eventually there will be an index page in the parent directory which will take you seamlessly to the photos and travelogues.
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