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Weird Dream Channel

I'm only half asleep when I see clearly an elderly man on a chair, being carried past me. It feels like I am on the front porch and three or four people are carrying what looks like a doctor's waiting room chair with an elderly man in it. They are on the sidewalk, going from my left to right. The chair is a metal square frame, with a square pad on the seat. The scene is very vivid.

I open my eyes and am awake - I'm in my bedroom, it's after 1 am, Domino is curled up on the floor by her scratching post. I close my eyes and immediately:

I see a regular procession of neighborhood people walking past, going in the same direction as the chair carriers had been, the same distance from me (maybe 3 feet), the same speed (moderate walking pace).

I open my eyes again, yup, it's the bedroom. Feels like lucid dreaming. Never have done that before, but have heard a lot about it from Romana and others who did the Stanford sleep program. Decided to close my eyes again and see if I could make particular people walk by.

Nope. In fact, I can't recognize anyone. All this time I've seen no faces. I'm looking at their backs as they already passed me by. I try to look in the direction they are coming from, but it makes me wake up.

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