Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Google wifi farce, work snafu, it's too chilly!

Call me a wimp, but this morning's bike ride to work will be my last unless it starts warming up earlier. With shorter days, that's not likely. Will try to revert to my old habit of taking the bike on the car rack, and riding a couple of  miles at lunchtime. Till it starts raining.

Took the bike out to the strip mall behind the sports bar, near the Mountain View cinemas on Shoreline, and was unable to raise any kind of wifi signal from Google there, though it's just a block away from their HQ. Went down the block to Starbuck's, and got a signal there, but not enough to get my browser to work. The whole thing is an advertising gimmick, they only have enough of a signal to use outdoors, and it's intermittent at best. I can see one of the antannas through my window as I write this, but they don't show up on my available networks list. Did a couple of days ago, but not since. I have a 4dB antenna sitting line of sight, so I should be able to connect. Can you spell "scam"?

Did some more digging into the problem we saw Friday at work, and discovered that the reason we could not get videos to play is they had all been deleted. So I have a week's worth of work restoring 1500 hour-long movies, it seems.

In good news, I received the HP iPAQ I'd bought on eBay. It works fine, I upgraded the OS and restored from my backup, so all I need to do now is some tweaking. Happy Discovery Day! It says that's what today is on the calendar, after sync was done.


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