Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Cramping my style

Woke up this morning with a cramp in my left calf. When I was in grade school Dad sometimes had to carry me to the doctor because both legs would cramp up. It's a sign of colder weather, which is what we've been getting in the mornings here. Anyhow, it was my excuse to put on jeans instead of cutoffs, and that's my excuse not to ride my bike to work. I should have put the bike on the car rack, but I was running (limping, actually) late. Still feels a little bit sore.

Work was frustrating today, kept running into the problem of incomplete documentation - detailed instructions on how to set up config files and passwords but no clue on the name of the program, or which of the 30 machines in the lab to run it on. I figured that out eventually, after getting a mis-direction from the boss (but it contained the clue I needed to find the right direction). Now it throws me into an endless loop, complaining about something over which I suspect I have no control. The good news is I think the person who holds the answers to this is a guy I had hired and worked with about 8 years ago, who is now downstairs in the same division. I'll find out tomorrow.

At lunchtime I took the "new" PDA to shoreline park, where I know Google has wifi connections set up, and was unable to connect. Same thing on my laptop here at the Starbucks on El Camino. T-mobile works fine though. The PDA's battery is draining way too fast, and the audio jack doesn't seem to connect in stereo. Will try with another headset later. It may have to go back. Bummer.

Lunch scheduled for tomorrow, maybe, courtesy of the boss. I say maybe because once again one of the guests of honor was not at the meeting where we set the date. He seems to be curiously out of the loop.

Not much else going on. I tried making Banquet's beef strogonoff crock pot dinner, but the noodles didn't cook all the way (my fault, I put them in too late). Have four other flavors to try, later. Must do laundry sometime soon.

Last night fired up the DVD and hit a movie Netflix sent me almost a month ago, A Soul Haunted By Painting. It was not one of Gong Li's best efforts, but she's impressive nonetheless. This is a very low-budget film compared to most of her others, and though it is set in Paris for about half of it, I'm pretty sure the crew never left China. Also it hits you over the head pretty hard with the moral, which is that Chinese people have a problem with nudes. Especially nudes painted by former hookers. Even if the former hooker never did any actual hooking. Its a biography of a famous Chinese artist who was infamous in China but a minor light in the 1940's Paris art community. Frankly, from the paintings they showed, I didn't notice any significant talent.

As usual, Li is major league eye candy, and her wardrobe features some very attractive outfits. And as usual, she starts out in a brothel, wins some rich man's heart, and then grows old. It's pretty much the outline of all her films.

Not sure what's on tonight.

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