Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Quick Saturday update

Met Carolyn for lunch at Amarin Thai in Mountain View. Carolyn is the director of Friends of Thailand, lives in SF and was in the Peace Corps about 10 years before me. It was so nice to have another Thai-speaking American to annoy the staff.

Went shopping for boring stuff. My paycheck from last week was in the mailbox (should have been direct deposited). Watched the 49ers get slammed. Watched the first half of the Raiders doing better than expected. Would have watched the 2nd half, but the new DVD player is hooked up, and it plays PAL DVDs perfectly, and I had another Dr. Who episode to watch. Dinner was eaten during the football games.

So now I have seen the first two episodes of Series 2. I like Dr. David better than Dr. Chis. I also like better the way Rose is being written and played. It was good to see Mickey get lots of face time in the first episode, but bad that he got none in the second. He's a good actor, I hope he has a bright career. The special effects continue to be stunning, production values are getting better, if that's possible. I like that they run into characters from Series 1, though I do miss The Master, and the concept that someone equal to The Doctor is out there in competition with him.

And in other news, a hummingbird has taken to sitting on the garden fence, in easy reach of the feeder. I have never seen a hummingbird park himself for so long in one place. Will have to get a photo - Pumpkin was curled up on the patio floor directly below him.

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