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In Denial

I'm in line at the cash register at Long's Drugs, and a man about my age, a little taller, slender, wearing what I would classify as middle class office worker after-work clothes, shows me the cover of some news magazine and says September 11 was a hoax by the US government. There were no terrorists, there were only two planes (the one which hit the Pentagon never existed and the one which crashed in Pennsylvania never existed) and the first plane was a cargo ship with no passengers. He said he had done lots of research and never saw pictures of bodies.

I told him he needs to work on his research skills.

The next day, an old friend calls and says her brother, who is an otherwise mostly rational being, has seen a video, and he now is in complete denial about 9/11. Apparently the video said exactly what the idiot at Long's had said.

How can anyone be in denial about this? What kind of idiot makes a video like that?

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