Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Late Saturday, Lazy Sunday

Had an impulsively late Saturday night. Decided to take my paycheck to the bank at midnight, deposited it in the ATM. My nearest B of A ATM happens to be the downtown bank building. And boy was I surprised at the number of people downtown. There were two night clubs open, and most of the bars seemed to have music of some kind. Very disconcerting is they took the wraps off the newest place - the old Wienerschnitzel building has been undergoing remodeling for what seems like years, and little by little they have added Mediterranean style features. Corinthian columns all around a large patio, that sort of thing. Turns out the name of the place is "1at and Goal" and it's going to be a sports bar/grill. I'm guessing the origiinal plan was for one of the Greek places to expand into there, but they decided to rent the building out instead. It's across the street from The Roadhouse, which will be its competition, I guess. Though the Roadhouse is maybe three times larger.

So I walked the length of Castro Street and back, amazed by the amount of eye candy and tipsy women in tight pants.

Stopped off at Safeway to get some fruit and maybe a cream puff. They cream puff weren't very puffy so I got a can of whipped cream instead. In line ahead of me were two jocks, slightly drunk, red-faced, buying two cases of bottled water. It took them several tries to hit the right buttons on the credit card machine, and they hi-fived when they finally got it to take. When I got into the parking lot, I saw them loading up a stretch limo, white. There was also a stretch Hummer and a black stretch limo in the parking lot. A little over the top, but at least they had a designated driver.

Woke up late Sunday, which meant no trip to Santa Cruz/Capitola, which was my fantasy plan for the day. Instead I went to Fry's and shopped for an LCD TV. Theirs were all over-priced, but it gave me an idea of what I was looking for. I got Madden NFL '07 for the playstation, and some assorted DVDs as a consolation prize. 

Stopped at Circuit City, and they did have what I was looking for, at a price I was almost willing to pay, so I wrote down the model number and made a note to see if I could do better online. Tax and shipping would be about the same on something that big.

And stopp0ed in at my favorite massage place, but they didn't have anyone available for another half hour. So I drove downtown, sat at a park bench, fired up the laptop and connected to Google WiFi to do some web surfing. It worked okay but eventually the signal dropped out to where it would not stay connected. I'd shot my half hour by then, went and had my massage, then home and played the Madden game until it was clear I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, and then went online and looked up the TV set, and got it on TigerDirect for $250 less (shipping included) than CC's pre-tax price.

Except it would not take my credit card. So I called Chase, and an automated program came on reciting several charges I'd made. most of them using the physical card, and asked me to confirm those transactions. They had put a hold on my card for no reason at all, without bothering to tell me. Weird, this is the card I'd used at Fry's with not problem a couple of hours ago. That cleared the hold, so I was able to order the TV. But I'll have to call them in the morning and make sure they only send me one, because I tried to do the transaction 3 times.

Went to Sizzler for dinner, salad bar, it was packed. Home, called the parental units. Took the DVD which had been in the livingroom, hooked it up in the bedroom, and took the one from the bedroom into the computer room, where I may or may not hook it up instead of the second VCR. I've no need to copy videotapes anymore, can probably ditch the second VCR.

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