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Weird Dream Channel

I'm asleep in my apartment. I think I hear the door bell ring. I catch just the last reverberations. There's a muffled banging on the front door, I get out of bed and go downstairs. A woman on the other side of the door says something like "open up, it's me" and she says her name but I can't make it out. It's a familiar voice, and I am thinking it's an ex-girlfriend. I open the door and it's my sister Briana, the one who lives in Israel, in a mild panic. I let her in, and suddenly we're in my parent's house, and my father is telling me not to let anyone in. I tell him it's okay, where can she sleep? He says to put her in the guest bedroom. Briana complains of a headache and she's visibly flustered, but the main idea in my head is to get her to bed, make her feel safe.

I go into the guest bedroom and the bed is made up as usual with an ancient pink flannel blanket. Near the pillow there are several items which I know my mother had left (mom uses the guest bedroom for knitting and such) and I start to pick things off the bed. An old radio, a calculator, pen, reading glasses. I notice a dark stain near the pillow, but don't give it much thought. Through the open door I see dad making up the bed in another bedroom, and I say "didn't you recognize Briana?". He doesn't look up, his back is to me, he tersely says "No" and continues to make the bed.

I wake up, and it's 6:25 am. I am hoping nothing has happened to Briana in real life. I figure I would get a phone call if anything had. Or email if it wasn't major. I'll check email when I get up for real in an hour or so.

Back to sleep, and the dream picks up from where it left off. But all that happens is I finish clearing off the bed, leave the room, and hear Briana go inside the guest bedroom and shut the door.

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