Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Strange Encounter

Yesterday after work I was sitting out on the patio at Starbuck's, and was about to start reading some trashy science fiction when a young woman (20-ish) struck up a conversation. She said her name was Yael, which is a common Hebrew name, so I asked her "Ivrit?" (Hebrew?) and she answered in Hebrew that yes, it was, and then in a mixture of English and Hebrew that her father was Israeli, and she knows I know him. She was sure I was either a friend of her father's, or maybe the father of one of her friends.

I told her I didn't speak all that much Hebrew so we switched to English. Her English was all American, her Hebrew had a slight American accent too.

Things got somewhat strange. The more we talked the more she was convinced I was one of the men her father had hired to monitor the surveillance cameras around her house & neighborhood. She thought I was kind of one of her secret service style bodyguards. Or the father of one of them.

She asked me if I was an "N". She wouldn't explain what an "N" was, but said she would give me a test to find out. "Do you love kings and queens?" She asked. I said "Only if they use their power and fortune for the good of their people". Would I kill for kings and queens? No. Would I kill for her? No, I wouldn't kill for anyone.

Apparently I failed the test, but she was still certain I was an "N". She said she had to go, and left the patio through the side doors. She walked through the store and out the front doors, and came back and said she still thought I was an "N". Back out the side doors, and one more circle back to me, to tell me she was just kidding about the killing part, and hoped I wasn't offended. I told her I wasn't. As she left she said she was on medication. "Lithium?", I asked. "No, something else".

All of this in a very pleasant, non-threatening way. She's a very average looking young woman, about 5'6", curly brown hair, brown eyes, round face, well-endowed under her brown T-sirt with pink "Punk Rock Boneyard" logo. She's about 20 lbs overweight, but it's all in her tummy. Jeans, tennis shoes.

Tonight I have a coffee date with an old friend at the same time and place. I wonder if Yael will be there.

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