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The highlight of the day...

...was definitely watching the 49ers game 4th quarter in HD on my new TV set. It has an HD tuner built in, but I was still surprised when it picked up Channel 2's HD feed on my el cheapo indoor antenna. The picture is stunning, but I only get channel 2 clearly, all the other HD channels break up or freeze. I am now inspired to sign up for digital cable.

Disappointed at how small the non-HD image is, and also how grainy. DVD progressive scan looks amazing, but not as good as HDTV. And it has a problem with too much contrast. But all that can be adjusted. The allegedly universal remote which came with the TV doesn't work any of my components correctly, looks like I'll have to buy a better one. The old Sony LCD remote I have from when I worked there is so out of date it won't control anything except my VCR & amp. Also, I've spilled enough tea on it that the labels have all sloshed off.

Also delivered today was my sony network walkman replacement. This one won't take the 2.0 firmware upgrade either, so I'm suspecting it's not supposed to. No biggie, all it adds is screensaver capability. I'll be loading it up with ATRAC tracks tomorrow.

Work was better today. One of the engineers helped me understand all kinds of things about how our testbed works, and why my part has not been working ever since I got back from vacation. We did not have time to fix it today because another group which shares the testbed needed to run some tests, but at least now I know how to clean it all up and start over again, which I'll make a start of on Tuesday.

If all goes well, my boss and my lead engineer will both be back Tuesday as well.

After I get things working again, I need to document it all. Harumph.

Chronologically, lots of my day was spent around the TV delivery. UPS tracking showed it still in San Pablo, but on time for delivery today. UPS usually delivers at around 10 am or late afternoon. There was no tracking update by noon so I went home, saw no delivery notice, went to the rental office to drop of the rent and pick up the Walkman and the HP iPAQ (the still-broken one back from HP repair). The office slave said UPS never gets there before 4, usually 5:30. So I left work at 4, and waited at home. They didn't get there till 6:30. The tracking info said the package was 50 lbs, but it was more like 25. And would have easily fit in my car, if I had needed to get it at will call. But I didn't know that until it was on my doorstep.

Went to Sizzler for dinner. I have to stop going there, it's depressing. They seem to attract a significant number of lower life forms. I like the salad bar, and also the wings and onion rings and swirl ice cream, and that it's self-service. But it's way too crowded, noisy and they didn't even have the football game on. Anderson Cooper is, if anything, even more repulsive with the sound off. Hard as that is to believe. Something about him makes me feel slimed.

After dinner and the football game, I played with the remote, checked out most of the TV's features, and hauled the not so old 24" Sony CRT TV into the storage room, where I dropped it. Oops. Tomorrow I'll plug it in (storage room is off the patio, there's an outlet nearby) and see if it powers up. Or implodes. Yes, I will use the remote while I hide behind the door. If it works, I'll sell it for cheap (it's a great TV, just doesn't do progressive scan or HD, and weighs a lot). Make me an offer...

Sony Trinitron WEGA KV-24FS100 detailed info here

Polaroid FLM-3232 HDTV details here

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