Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Busy week coming up

Tonight is the new tech meetup in Palo Alto. Vincent Luria has done an exceptional job of lining up demos of interesting new tech products, and arranged for an excellent location.

Tomorrow is the monthly south bay peace corps alumni hangout at Tied House in SJ.

Thursday Lynn is coming over for more web page building.

Friday is unbooked, but I'll try to see a show. maybe howbearca's, which looks like it will be outrageous. Check out www.renegadetheatre.com for more details.

Saturday dinner and work party on Treasure Island with Friends of Thailand director Carolyn, and Thailand Peace Corps staff alumna Kathy. We're putting together a poster collage of 45 years of photos of Peace Corps in Thailand for the national RPCV conference. Also tempted to volunteer my car for iamradar's move, but suspect my little Corolla won't be that useful.

Edit add: Also taking the cats to the vet in the morning.

And this weekend is Mountain View's art & wine fair, which I'll bicycle to, armed with camera.

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