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Today was Pumpkin and Domino's annual trip to the vet. Domino is 10 and Pumpkin is 8, so I was encouraged to have the full Senior Cat Workup done on them. I declined last year because I could not afford it. This time around I have a job, money in the bank, and some concern about Pumpkin's health and Domino's age.

Bottom line was almost $900, which included a year's supply of Frontline to share between them (not on the original menu). Turns out the health concern I had about Pumpkin seems to be shared more quietly in Domino, and the doctor says it's probably fleas. Highly likely, since they spend time on the patio, which is accessible to fleas. I haven't seen any actual fleas on them, but doc says it's because there aren't many and the cats groom them off. But the bites still have an effect.

As usual, they cried all the way there, and for most of the time they were there. One surprise is Domino went right into her carrier with no bother. Pumpkin had to be poured and shoe-horned in.  At the office, Domino needed to be poured out but Pumpkin came out no problemo. They have both lost weight (which is a good thing) with Domino at 14 lbs and Pumpkin just over 19 lbs. There will be a further donation to the cause in a couple of months, Pumpkin needs his teeth cleaned again.

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