Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Fry Day

Another busy day at work. Spent about an hour and a half sharing a PC screen with a customer in Colorado, poking at his video server until it agreed that it had a high speed internet card. Am now looking at another machine somewhere in Wisconsin, I think. Or maybe it's LA. They all look the same over the Internet.

Meanwhile, this weekend I'll test out the new exercise bike. UPS did their best to try to destroy it in transit, and ignored my request to hold it for me, instead dumping it on the apartment's office staff. I assembled it Wednesday night, and it seems to be working.

Went to SIGGRAPH last night and saw the 2004 computer graphics/animation winner clips. Most of them very well done, some highly amusing, a couple downright scary. One fun thing is the major studios put together 3-minute clips which showed some of the layering, lighting and 3D tools they used in movies like Lord of the Rings 3, Shrek2, Spiderman2, Polar Express, Bad Boys II, Van Helsing and The Day After Tomorrow. Some clown at that latter movie company put the theme from Hawaii-50 underneath the computer gen of a tidal wave hitting NYC.

My favorite one was a student entry called Attack of the Note Sheep, which starts by showing a page on which a calculus student is taking very complex notes in the lecture hall, with the prof droning away in the background. She begins to doodle little sheep. The sheep start to graze on her notes, erasing them as they go. So she draws a cage to pen one in. Then she draws a ledge for one to fall off and go splat. Then the old Acme 1-ton weight on a pulley trick. At the end of the clip the camera zooms out and we see about a dozen sheep all captured or killed in various cartoon ways.

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