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Series 2 disk 5 arrived Friday, so now I have seen the last of the Dr. Who episodes. I've got to say that the final 2-part story was just so much mental masturbation on the part of Mr. Davies. It was the Frankenstein Meets Godzilla of Whodom, with a side of gratuitous fan teasing strung out over two showings. I speak of the way they set up the retiring of the Rose Taylor character. I won't spoil it for those of you who won't see it till the end of the current Sci-Fi Channel season, so let's just say the ending didn't justify the means.

It was good to see Mickey back. The story line left open the possibility of bringing back any of the characters from previous episodes, and even eras, but Davies' imagination apparently was not running in that direction.

As with all the BBC Wales programs, production values are high, special effects superb and most of the techie things were great, except audio - I still have to keep subtitles on because they pump up surround sound at the expense of the mikes of the actors.

Tennant has grown into the part quite nicely, and I am impressed. He brings his own personality to it, but there are hints of Tom Baker and William Hartnell about him as well.

It's going to be a long wait for Series 3. Sigh.

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