Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

This Weekend Did Not Suck As Much As It Should Have

Because I  threw away two vacuum cleaners. One was an old Kenmore which I was tired of replacing belts and hauling its heavy ass (and mine) up and down the stairs, the other was a Shark Roadster which looked really cool in the store, but turns out to have too small a bagless dirt compartment, too little suction, and its rotating brushes were powered by air, which meant they did not work very well on carpet - not enough suction to keep them moving.

I went to Sears and Fry's and Target and Walmart looking for a replacement vac, but they were either way over-priced (as in > $300) or out of stock or bagless (I hate dealing with that mess, especially since most of my time I'm dealing with hairballs).

So I went online and found on, of all places, amazon.com, a Hoover which was out of stock in the stores, and with the online discounts and free shipping, got it for $118.

Hopefully, next weekend will suck more. Or not - I probably will not have time to vacuum thanks to Silicon.

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