Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Baker dusted; Alou felipped-off


Dusty Baker, who took a pretty damned fine Giants team and bled it into the ground, then did absolutely nothing for the hapless Cubs has been shown the door. Felipe Alou, who came to us from the Blew Jays to put the final nails in the Giants' coffin, was told not to show up for work again next season.

Neither of these guys deserve to be major league baseball managers. Never have, never will. They both seem to be Nice Guys™ - they both have a knack for finishing last.

And both men got my goat by doing stupid things on the field with their sons. Baker's little boy was put into a Giants uniform and regularly got in the way of the action as a bat boy, well before he was old enough to be out of the stands. Felipe hired his aging son Moises to play for his team. Sure, Barry Bonds came to the Giants while his dad was on the coaching staff, but Bobby Bonds wasn't his hiring manager. In fact, looking at the timing, Bobby may have owed his job to Barry coming on board. Whatever. The bottom line is I have no tolerance for nepotism getting in the way of the job.

Moises is a pretty good player compared to the rest of the Giants line-up, and that's the problem. The rest of the line-up belongs in the minors, Omar Vizquel possibly being the exception.

Now all we need to hear is the door slamming behind Mike Nolan and most of the rest of his 69ers coaching staff, and I'll be happy.

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