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Last night my latest ZipZoomFly order arrived, a Logitec wireless keyboard/mouse combo and 2GB of RAM. While installing the RAM, one of my SATA hard drive data cables broke - the standard cables are very brittle, this was about the 3rd one which has snapped off pieces of the connector. Since my machine is all on a RAID array, I needed to do an emergency Fry's run to get replacements. Ended up buying new cables for all 4 drives, and installing them.

That done, I fired up the PC and it only showed 3.2GB of RAM. Should have shown 4GB. So I go on the ASUS web site, and they have a FAQ note saying my BIOS will allocate almost 1GB of RAM for background use - especially for my PCI-Ex video card. That's okay, sort of, but I'll probably be buying a non-ASUS motherboard in the future.

The new mouse is very right-handed, and a bit large. I don't like the tilt or the size. The keyboard is whacked - they have tiny function keys, and have put the Print Screen key in line with the Fkeys. The DEL key is huge and vertical - 3 keys tall. Bummer, but at ZZF's prices I can put these in the closet or donate to a friend (if you're going to be at Silicon, and want this, let me know and I'll bring it along) or maybe the local senior center.

This morning I picked up two packages, one is a contact sheet holder which I will try to use with the scanner for my old B&W negatives. I wonder if there are any darkrooms around I could use to print about 100 contact sheets? Probably not. And who needs the dark, the fumes and all that standing? The other package was from eThaiCD, my favorite vendor of Thai music and video. Lightning-fast and cheap shipping, and reasonable prices. Got the latest Tata Young CD, and her music video DVD to go with the Greatest Hits CD set I already have. It includes the video for Cinderella, which I am almost as interested in seeing as the one for Naughty, Sexy, Bitchy.

As I write this I'm listening to the second of 4 compilation CDs, and have found a couple of artists I will buy albums from. N&J (if I make out the tiny Thai script their names are Niw and Jiw), Fahrenheit and Mike & Golf. One of the songs has a very sweet name - it would translate as something like My Tears are for You. It sounds better in Thai.

The songs make me aware of how much Thai I have forgotten, to the point where I keep trying to translate the words into English, instead of just thinking in Thai.
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