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Friday ShortStuff

Last night Lynn and I worked more on her pet sitting web site. I'm frankly embarrassed to be associated with it, but a promise is a promise. http://lotsoflovedogsitting.com for the strong of stomach and weak of taste. Look for the disgustingly blatant Kristian mouse-overs. Do NOT click on the icon with the revolving cross if you have any liquid within 10 yards of your mouth.

Am wearing one of my Marks & Spencer briefs today. Friendly women who see me at Silicon may request a first-hand demonstration. farmount, I'll wear my lacy pink thong if you're hosting a party this year.

The inkjet cleaner kit arrived last night, so this morning I pumped the dumpster-donated
Epson CX6400 full of solution, and will see after work if it has done the trick.

 It's my hiring manager's last day at work before he moves back to Toronto to start his own company. He has chosen
Baba Neo for our going-away lunch, which is highly ironic because that's where I held my celebration dinner on being hired. I'm pretty sure it was he who ordered the 3 trays of breakfast pastries which I found in the break room this morning. Best flaky apple Danish I've had in eons. Edit:Nope, they were to celebrate someone else's birthday.

It's probably going to be a very boring day at work. My Video-on-demand testing has been put on hold while another set of engineers with whom I share a computer test cluster push through their high-priority project. We sit in the same open work area, so I get to watch. Meanwhile I have the boring task of supervising IT as they install bits on three machines for that project. Supervise, in the same way NYC work crew supervisors supervise.

Obligatory NYC work crew supervisor joke
Butch and Joe are digging a ditch, while the supervisor looks on. In one hand he has a cigarette, in the other hand a cup of coffee, and he is leaning against a big tree. Butch says to Joe, "How come Fat Boy is up there smoking and having a coffee, while we're stuck here doing all the hard work?"  Joe answers, "I dunno. Why don't you go ask him?"
So Butch climbs out of the ditch, and goes up to the supervisor and asks him.
The supervisor smiles, parks his cigarette behind his ear,  pulls himself upright and takes a step to the left, so the tree is just to his right. He holds his right hand straight out,  and tells Butch to take up his shovel, and try to hit his hand as hard as he can. Butch takes a swing, but at the last second the supervisor pulls his hand away, and the worker's shovel slams into the tree, rattling the worker a bit.
"That's why", the supervisor says, "Now go tell Joe". 
Butch climbs down into the ditch. Joe asks what the supervisor told him. Butch puts his hand in front of his face and says "hit my hand with your shovel as hard as you can"....

I expect to be at Silicon around 7 tonight, and for most of the weekend. Someone please make sure I don't have a Senior Moment and forget to attend lady_leandra and Chris Garcia's Sunday panel on SFSF. Chris is always a hoot, and Jean is one of those rare women who light up the room just by being there. It is sad that they scheduled the Browncoat Tea for the same time as one of iamradar's panels. I can spend some time at both, but she can't. Boo, hiss. Looks like several LJ friends are Guests and panelists this time. Catch me before I swoon. I think I see britgeekgrrl and kennita on the list too. Anyway, I'll try to be there for Meet The Guests. Debating which costume to wear. Maybe my Eastern European military outfit, if it still fits. I think Elvis may make an appearance this weekend, and possibly Colonel Sanders, or the fat old Thai hills tribes guy.

Am missing Fleet Week, the Golden Gate Park Bluegrass festival, and the NorCal Peace Corps Assn. picnic this weekend. Will catch as much of the LoserBowl on the Doubletree poolside bar TV as I can stand. Used to be Raiders vs. 49ers was a quasi-championship game, this time it will probably be won by the team which scores the first safety. Would like to see the Eagles/Cowboys game, but it's blacked out here (LoserBowl is hogging that channel). Maybe it's on my HDTV station. Silicon will be over before that game is, so maybe there's hope.

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