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Went for just long enough to buy a night badge (they closed up real registration at 6), which made me miss the meet the guests because night badges were only available at con ops on the 2nd floor, and the very very nice woman alone at the desk there needed to explain to everyone that all she could issue was night passes for $10, which we could swap  in the morning for a real badge for $35. The line was not long but the wait was (not her fault - blame the people in the ops room who where blocking traffic, not putting up signs which explained the situation, and not volunteering to be an extra pair of hands which there was plenty of room and opportunity for them to be.

I had dinner, was thinking of going to a couple of parties, but it was just so quiet there that I went home instead.

I don't know if I will go back. There just does not seem to be critical mass, and all the folks I saw that I know from LJ, wonderful though they are, I'm not really part of their world. I am at best a friend of a friend, mostly an acquaintance of a friend. I feel like I'm a nuisance.

Maybe I'll hop on CalTrain tomorrow and go to fleet week instead.

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