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Laid Off

Just as I'd predicted, the nice man from Volt walked me out the door about an hour ago. My team lead and two other friends in the IPTV group are circulating my resume, maybe something else will turn up there soon.

Tonight I'll go to Palo Alto for the Stanford Savoyards reunion, that should cheer me up. Tomorrow will either drive out to Los Baños with a friend who wants to get out of town while they have an open house on her home in Santa Clara, or I'll get together with another friend in Mountain View who has been on vacation.

Sunday will go to Felton (I think it's more like Los Gatos) Don Quixote for a Reilly & Maloney concert. They are always fun, and inspirational - they are older than me but still singing.

Leaving work early may give me time to do that stupid meme that's been going around.

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