Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Savoyards reunion

Went to a reunion for Stanford Savoyards, arranged by Alice, who is one of the sexiest of the alums I have worked with. The evite only said it would be at the Hukilau in Palo Alto at 6:30, and I expected a no-host bar kind of party. So I got there fashionably late at 7, to find everyone sitting down having already had appetizers, now about to order dinner. Fine, I hadn't had dinner yet. Ordered the Hukilau Chicken, which was delivered on a large monkey pod plate, complete with the obligatory two scoops of rice and a scoop of macaroni salad. The chicken was on a thin bed of linguine, and was super. Kind of a mild version of sesame orange chicken.

We completely filled the long, narrow room, there was just one seat free when I got there, and they pulled in one more for another latecomer. I knew everyone at the table except two new guys, one is doing the publicity for & the other is playing the title role in their next production The Sorcerer, which will be done in mid-November in Bollywood style. Turns out sexy alum, who is an American of Chinese descent (close your eyes and she's a Valley Girl), is engaged to a man from India. I guess they are producing it.

It was very good to see old friends, and especially good to chat outside of the usual theater trappings.

After dinner I walked around downtown PA, noticed a huge number of changes, stopped in at a coffee shop and had a piece of chocolate cake I should not have been sharing the same planet with.

Some of the changes:

  • A huge number of Persian rug stores. At least 8. Used to be no more than two, both always "going out of business".
  • All the cell phone dealers are in huge pieces prime real estate instead of tiny storefronts. One is where Stacey's Books used to be.
  • Magnolia AV (used to be hi-fi when I first knew them in Seattle) is on a prime corner
  • The Japanese place on the corner of High and University is now a night club after about 8 pm. Huge mob/line blocking foot traffic outside, huge bouncers blocking the doorway. Flashing lights & women standing on tables doing shots. They still are serving full Japanese meals while this is going on.
  • Burger King sold out to Pizza My Heart
  • Many new coffee shops and cafes
  • A sushi place has taken over World Wraps
  • Many bicyclists. Too many riding on the sidewalk. Idiotic either way, University is not bike friendly.
  • Small groups of Oriental students sitting on the steps and benches with the homeless beggars, chatting with them and lending moral support.
  • Many women in extremely short skirts/pants/jeans showing so much leg I was tempted to become a stalker.
Some of these changes are not all that recent, I just now am getting around to writing them down.

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