Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Busy Weekend

Saturday all day was eaten up by my friend Marilyn kidnapping me and another friend from Santa Clara Players and driving us to Los Baños so she could look at a couple of "independent retirement community" model homes. One was so new that it was still mostly dirt, the other was so well established they only had 11 vacancies (out of 170). The first gave us all swag bags, I snagged a $5 Starbuck's card, a Quizno's coupon, a little packet of trail mix, a littler packet of altoids, a mug and a pen. In a handy gift bag. Marilyn was also given $30 in gas cards, which she used on the way back.

The homes were pretty nice, especially the second set. Big kitchens for 1200-sq-ft homes. Nice open bright layouts. $280,000 or so, which would have been tempting if (a) I was able to retire and (b) I wanted to live in a place called "The bathroom".

Got back too late to go to Dragon Theater, darn it. Had a late dinner instead.

Sunday was another full day, lunch and a movie with friend Janice, then a concert in Felton. The movie was The Departed, and had I known what it was about, and how bloody it was, I would have suggested a different flick. Leonardo DiCaprio does some actual acting in this film, amazing but true. So does Matt Damon, considering he plays someone very not himself. Jack Nicholson plays Jack Nicholson With A Goatee, but the part fits him so well I will not be surprised when he wins an Oscar for it. I will be disappointed, but not surprised. Jack hasn't done any acting since One Flew Over The Cukoo's Nest in 1975. After more blood and gore than I usually watch in a year, it was time to head over the hill to see Reilly & Maloney in a rare concert. They officially split up twice, and only got together again on David's promise that they would not try to kill themselves with long road trips. The concert was shorter than usual, they had a warm-up act, another m/f duet, not quite as good but okay. They are both in their 60's, I guess, and as David put it "have a lot of artillery but not enough powder".

One of their numbers made me imagine them the way they should have been - playing in a huge venue for thousands of people. Made me remember a line from an Amanda MacBroom song:
Fame, it is fleeting
And stars, they keep falling
And staying right up there,
That's the secret of Art
And Luck kisses some
And she passes by others
Disappointment, and bourbon
Is hard on the heart

Reilly & Maloney are every bit as good as Peter, Paul & Mary, IMHO, and others of that genre who made it huge, but they just never got the break they deserved. After something like 40 years, they still have the voices and the talent, as was shown by a couple of new songs by both of them.

The venue was a place I had never heard of, Don Quixote's on Hwy 9 right at the intersection with Graham Hill Road (coming from Snots' Valley; turn right for Ben Lomand, left for Santa Cruz, keep going straight for Bonny Doone). Mexican Restaurant with large-ish bar and adequate sized dance area with a big stage. And one very pretty 30-ish waitress. Not far from bigcatroary's old haunts.

Got home at 11 or so, behind me my laptop is being re-imaged with Vista RC1, which was the last version I was able to snag before they walked me out the door.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • Go over to Janice's and hook up her Bose speakers.
  • Jiffy Lube
  • Post office: send another T-shirt to crowblog
  • Email some headhunters & contract agents
  • Re-activate Monster.com, careerbuilder.com and any other job search pages I was on (Already did DICE)
  • Call the folks
  • Try out the new vacuum cleaner
  • Re-install programs onto the laptop
  • Play on some Yahoo chat rooms
  • Make some onion bacon clam dip, hot dogs & beans and watch Monday Night Football on my HDTV


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