Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lost of non-action

Day 2 of being unemployed ( or 2's Day to you all) was slow getting started, my alarms are all still set for 7, but my brain is on autopilot and turns them off or ignores them. Out of bed at 8:30, maybe, and online reading email.

Productive job hunting day. The wrap:

Avistar, the company which made me an offer after I had already started at Microsoft, apparently is hiring for that position again. Headhunter called and asked if she could push my resume that way, I said okay.

The recruiter who got me back to the Bay Area in 2000 is talking me up with 2Wire

Two SMS companies were interested in me until I said no tech support and no after-hours work

And had a phone interview for another contract at MS working with video encoders, they will bring me in for an interview this week, we hope. That one was courtesy of a guy I worked with in 1997-99 who is now at MS and passed my resume around. Thanks, Pete!

Also had about half a dozen hits from recruiters who had no clue, thought I was a programmer or database guru.

Left over from yesterday, a recruiter who thought she had something at Minerva (but it was a lower level job) has another company she is pitching me to.

On the apartment hunting side, the manager was not in so I did  not get a chance yet to see if they would keep the rent the same. They probably won't. So I went to an apartment down the block, and they have a unit which is almost exactly what I am looking for, except no W/D and there are upstairs neighbors. The former AAMP apartment complex wants the same $$ as my rent increase would be.
The phone interview cut short my hunt for the day. Four more places I want to hit tomorrow. If deposits are refundable, I'll put one down if I find the right fit, the idea being if Avistar comes through I might want to move up the peninsula some, since they are in Redwood Shores.

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