Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Day 3

Interview at MS is Friday afternoon. We got a competing contract company to take me on board, so hurrah for that.

Had a recruiter hot to get me into Akamai in San Mateo, but they wanted a high level tech support wienie, and the job description just shouted "after hours, on call, travel" so I told him no. He just didn't Get It that "occasional pre-scheduled weekend duty" was not "no weekend work". Too bad, because Akamai is a good company. I have a couple of friends there. But they also do the boring part of internet video - the networked, load-balanced server farms. Kind of like being on the assembly line at a camera company when you want to be the photographer.

Did not hear from the recruiter about Avistar, and did not expect to. The hiring manager is not good at returning phone calls.

Heard from another recruiter who just wanted to know what I was looking for so he could take the next step.

And a couple of email messages which I ignored, looking for C+ coders.

DVD time, a cult sci-fi movie called Hell Comes To Frogtown. Pretty good as bad films go. Good cinematography, creative use of ugly (and probably free) location settings. Two pairs of exposed breasts, but they could easily have seen their way clear to full frontal nudity in several scenes, and hard core sex in three others, without it even being gratuitous. Nice bodies all around, too. And who can beat a guest star appearance by the legendary Rory Calhoun? Good mindless post-nuclear holocaust entertainment. Sterile mundanes vs. frog-man mutants. Acting was courtesy of the William Shatner School of Sci-Fi Drama. I won't spoil the ending, but will say I think he falls for the wrong slut.

Lunch with Bret - an old buddy from Kasenna. Enjoy the sunshine. Maybe buy a Vista-compatible webcam for the laptop. Maybe not. Could use a Frys fix, anyway. Wish there was a reason to drive to Livermore at dinner time. Hint hint.


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